Every day, hundreds of people, including children and the elderly, come to Belarus to cross the border of the European Union. They are not aware that the regime of Alexander Lukashenka will push them to wander for many weeks in the Białowieża Forest, with no possibility of return. In frost, with no food, without shelter. It can also mean a death sentence for them.

We want to indicate places and organizations (verified ones) where everyone can get involved in helping people trapped at the border. We also want to inform migrants and refugees about the dangers and prevent them from starting this murderous journey.

We initiated the “Families Without Borders” as a result of disagreement to the sufferings of people doomed to wandering in the forests, especially children, due to the political game of Lukashenka and the policy of the Polish authorities allowing for illegal pushbacks.

A photo by Agnieszka Sadowska touched us, and then we created the letter of Families Without Borders, which was the group’s genesis.

A photo used in the major slider was taken by Mikołaj Kiembłowski

Illustration based on a photograph by Agnieszka Sadowska/Wyborcza.pl
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Reports from the frontiers

Fot. Agnieszka Sadowska/Wyborcza.pl



Like your children, this little girl is wearing a onesie. Except that hers is stiff with dirt. Like your daughters when they were one, one-and-a-half, this little one is still a bit wobbly on her feet. This is the age when children start imitating animal noises, giggling loudly, and looking at picture books with big “oooh” sounds. We often say they are sweet, we let them cling to us and despite our exhaustion, we are happy. The only way to stop thinking about this little girl is to avert your eyes. One look at her is enough to remind you of the playfulness and sincerity in the eyes of your own children.

And one look is enough to be against children dying in forests. We must do everything in our power to make sure these children get their warm milk and medicine. Today. If politicians cannot see these children, we will help them see. Let’s remind them of their own children and grandchildren. Let’s remind them that our ancestors also had to flee Poland more than once and find help. Let’s show that political divisions are unimportant when the breath of a child, the sparkle in their eye, the warmth of their little body is at stake. Humanitarian organizations have to be allowed into the zone of emergency in Poland immediately and push-backs across the border have to stop.

As mothers, as families, as people, we look beyond political divisions and reach out to mothers, families and people who can influence what happens on Poland’s eastern border. Everybody knows perfectly well how to help a sick, hungry, cold, scared child. We cannot allow these children to be transported to the forest to die.

We ask you: please make one phone call to someone you know, to someone who can prevent these children from dying, today, right now. These children have not had anything to eat for hours. It’s very simple: they need our help immediately.

Families without borders




„FAMILIES WITHOUT BORDERS” is a group that brings together people who care about the fates of the victims of the humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border: both children and adults. The group is open to everyone, not just parents, with members all over Poland and beyond. Its first initiative is a family protest outside the headquarters of the Polish Border Guard in different parts of Poland (Warsaw, Olsztyn, Kraków, Wrocław). It involves afternoon “sit-ins” and drawing pictures and texts against the events on the border in chalk on pavements. The next initiative, the “Letter of Families without Borders”, emphasizes the need for immediate action. “Children should not fall victim to political games of adults. Their lives and health require special protection. We hope our letter will speak to the consciences of mothers and fathers who are responsible for making important decisions in our country,” say “Families without Borders”.


Raport Grupy Granica

Lista osób, które zmarły na granicy (tych, o których wiemy) – szmer / List of people who died at the border


Dzięki odpowiedzi wspaniałych artystów na apel Rodzin bez Granic mamy dla Was ponad dwadzieścia wzorów pocztówek, które możecie wysłać z podziękowaniem do ludzi angażujących się w POMOC przy granicy.

Wzory kartek i adresy znajdziecie TUTAJ.


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